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How to keep your home warm in Winter

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December 4th, 2017

How to keep your home warm in Winter

The Winter months are finally here, and as the cooler weather sets in, attention turns to the interior of the home. Where most visualise coming in from the cold, wet, miserable weather to a warm, cosy escape just like those within traditional Winter destinations that many people relate to when temperatures start to drop.

If you’re struggling to create your very own Winter escape, take a look at these interior ideas to ensure your home epitomises your ideal cosy retreat, in style.

Materials matter

If you’re looking to add texture and depth to your interiors then you may be missing a crucial material; wood. Known for its popularity within the North American Craftsman home, wood can be used to create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

This versatile material can be used throughout the home in a variety of ways, more commonly in built-in furniture such as shelving, storage and bench seating. However, it can also be found in decorative pieces scattered around the home.

Fill up with blankets and rugs

Many Winter interior designs, be it local or further afield like the traditional Chalet in Switzerland or the Yurt in Mongolia, will include a plethora of blankets, cushions, and rugs. Not only do they offer a different design for your home they will help keep rooms feeling insulated as rugs will block off any draughts while blankets and cushions add layers giving a cosier effect.

You’ll need some decent bedding to keep you toasty at night, so invest in some from for a good night’s sleep.

Add a winter colour scheme

Moving away from the lighter colour palettes of summer, taking inspiration from the interior of the traditional Mongolian Yurt, your Winter shades should include deep reds, oranges and purples to give the impression of warmth and cosiness.

The ultimate winter appliance

Nothing says winter like coming home and cosying up next to a roaring fire and if you’re searching for the perfect Winter interior then adding a fire, whether it be wood burning or electric, will give you that homely, idyllic feel you’ve been looking for.

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