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Fallen out of love with your house

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December 4th, 2017

Fallen out of love with your house?

There are many reasons why one might be unsatisfied with their property and there are two ways to solve that: you can relocate or renovate.

However, relocating can be a tedious process as it requires a massive budget, it takes time to plan, and even more time to view the properties. The list goes on.

Renovating, on the other hand, is less of a hassle and a much cheaper option. If you only feel like your home has lost its character over time or that you feel like you just want a breath of fresh air – this is the option for you. Here are some renovation ideas that you can do in your house:

  • Converting your loft into a bedroom
  • Re-configuring your rooms by knocking down a wall or two
  • Redoing the kitchen or toilets and replace them with new cupboards, sinks…etc

If you need a bit more convincing as to why you should renovate, it’s not only cheaper to do so, but it also adds value to your home. Continue reading below for the statistics provided by the YOPA to find out what percentage increase in value it could make:

  • Open-plan living space: +6%
  • Conservatory: +5%
  • Extra double bedroom: +10%
  • Extra bathroom: +5%
  • Other extensions: +11%

So what if you are on an extremely tight budget? Is there anything else you can do to give your house a new look as well? You can definitely still do some minor refreshing rather than a full-scale renovation, and here are some suggestions, you can:

Repaint your walls

Give it a new colour! You can brighten up the room with some lighter colours, or give it a sense of sophistication with darker colours.

Put up some wallpapers

Patterns are always interesting on walls, it fills an empty room and livens it up. If you don’t feel like covering all the walls, why not try an accent wall instead? It is a simple way to make the house seem effortlessly stylish.

Replace or add some new soft furnishing

Over time, your furniture might not be in the same condition as it was when it was new. Signs of wear and tear can be an eyesore, so why not replace your old furniture with some new ones? You can even attempt a new style and rearrange its layout.

In short, you don’t necessarily need to relocate in order to fall back in love with your current property. Renovate and refresh away, and it will be good as new! If you do decide to make these changes to your home by yourself, just bear in mind these safety tips that Slater and Gordon Lawyers have addressed in their infographic below.

Move or Improve Infographic

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