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My review of the Paint Soap brush cleaner

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June 28th, 2017

Cleaned paint brush

My review of the Paint Soap brush cleaner

I recently followed a company on Twitter (@PaintSoap) and I was asked if I wanted to try some of their product. Me, not being one to turn down the opportunity of trying out products I said yes. Paint Soap is based in the USA but were happy to send me some samples to the UK. They currently do not sell in the UK but they are hoping to start selling in the UK by the end of 2017.

About a week later a package arrived with the samples of Paint Soap for me to try. I was keen to give it a go and used it a couple of times on my next job. I liked the idea of being able to leave the brush to ‘clean itself’ as it soaked in the product, leaving me time to carry on with what I needed too.

After a few minutes of soaking I returned with anticipation to see how well the paint soap did, I removed the brush from the Paint Soap and rinsed it out, it was clean, and used a lot less water than I normally would have.

So what do I think of Paint Soap?

Paint Soap worked well and I like the idea of what is stands for, it saves time, saves money and your brushes, it is also eco friendly and the residue that is left can be disposed of safely as it is non toxic.

This product will only work on water based paints, such as emulsions, so no oil based products, and will not clean out dried paint as it reacts with the wet paint. So you can’t leave your brushes to dry out before cleaning them, but that goes with all paint tools.

So this product can save you, and your client water if you wash brushes out on the job. It can save you time as you can leave brushes to soak whilst carrying on with your work. And it cleans out the paint from your brushes easily and effortlessly.

My video review of me using Paint Soap

To see the rest of my videos, visit my channel on YouTube.

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How to mix wallpaper paste video

Posted by admin
April 1st, 2015

How to mix wallpaper paste video

I have written a post previously about how to mix wallpaper paste, many people have problems getting it just right and get lumps in it or make it to thick or runny, not too dissimilar to porridge or custard!!. I decided to make a video showing you how to mix the perfect wallpaper paste, I have done it this way for years and mix the perfect paste every time.

I decided to make a video of myself mixing the paste on a recent job I did, the paste mixed was used to hang lining paper.
So here is the video…..

How to mix wallpaper paste video

I hope you find this video as well as our other videos helpful and informative, look out for more in the future.

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Painting and Decorating : 20 years

Posted by admin
March 31st, 2013

20 Years as a Painted and Decorator

Painting and Decorating for 20 years

2013 sees the 20th year of my decorating career. It was twenty long years ago that I first picked up my paint brushes and rollers and started painting and decorating. I have worked in a few places in the UK during this time but now prefer to stay close to home, here in Southend on Sea.

Over the past 20 years of painting and decorating I have seen a few changes, not only in the painting industry but the economy also, we all have to adapt and a few years ago I also started including DIY and Handyman jobs in the list of services I provide. I feel this offers a complete service to my customers, this came about as my customers often would ask me if I could assemble a flat packed wardrobe for a newly decorated bedroom or hang the odd picture or two, as I know how to do these types of jobs I agreed and now offer this as a service.

I have undertaken commercial work as well as residential work in my career and painted things from warehouses to high street shops to mansion houses.

Styles and fashions have changed over the past 20 years from everything being emulsioned to feature walls, either in emulsion or wallpaper. And who can forget the phase of terracotta!!

Champagne Bottles

Painting and Decorating Website and Blog

Way back when I started there wasn’t the Internet but have had since 2007 which now includes a painting and decorating tips blog, that has over 60 decorating tips and has proved to be very popular.

I also have two other sites, and, both have blogs also covering DIY and Handyman topics as well as painting and decorating.

I have also created and written the code for four materials calculators, a wallpaper calculator, a ceiling paper calculator, a tile calculator and a paint calculator, these have proved to be very popular with lots of hits per day with people working out their materials. These are used not only by DIYer’s but tradesmen also.

I enjoy writing for all the blog’s and helping people out who want to do painting and decorating or DIY jobs around the house but are not sure how to go about it. I find this very rewarding.

New Media

Over more recent years I have started tweeting on Twitter, all the sites have a Facebook pages, I have a Google+ account as well as LinkedIn and a YouTube channel.


Most recently I have started to put so video’s up on my YouTube channel, I plan to do lots more of video’s when time allows. But feel free to subscribe to my channel and comment on my videos.

Champagne bottle with cork popping

Here’s to another 20 years!!!

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