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Stay On Top Of The Latest Interior Design Trends 

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July 8th, 2022

How To Stay On Top Of The Latest Interior Design Trends And Incorporate Them Into Your Home

Keeping up to date with all the interior design trends can be overwhelming. However, there are places and tools that can help you to find your way around. You can find inspiration online, in magazines or even in the homes of your loved ones. In the end watching out for trends and what other people like can help you to find your style.

To make things easier for you, we put together tips on staying on top of the latest interior design trends. Read further to discover how you can seamlessly incorporate new concepts into your home.

Follow Your Favourite Interior Design Brands On Social Media

If you have a go-to shop or brand where you buy furniture or home décor, it is worth checking out their social media profiles for more inspiration. Interior design experts often influence products and imagery the organisation posts online, so you can be confident that you are in safe hands. It is a part of their job to stay on top of the latest trends to save you the hassle.

This way, you can get a curated social media experience and find some inspiration in every post. Have a look if you can find your favourite company online and turn your designer dreams into reality.

Take Inspiration From Magazines

Magazines can be a great way of learning more about interior design trends if you do not mind investing some money into subscriptions or individual issues. Whether an online or printed magazine, it is developed by a team of people with years of experience in the industry, so you get an educated opinion on what is currently trendy.

Each issue is planned months in advance, so more than current trends, you will see predictions that will hit the market in the not-so-distant future. Like this, you can plan out changes to your home in advance and create a wishlist of things you want to purchase.

Look Through Websites

There are many interior design websites where you do not need to purchase a subscription to read the full version of articles. Such sites can become a valuable resource when looking for tips and inspiration on renovation, home décor or any DIY projects you would like to dive into. Some articles can also have a comment section at the end where readers can discuss their experiences with the topic. This will allow you to compare solutions to the issues you faced or find an answer you did not find in the article.

Overall, websites can be a great resource that offers you a lot of information in one place. Websites such as 24Housing will help you with anything and everything related to buying, planning, building or design. Starting your home improvement journey is not difficult, especially with so much free information available.

Get Inspired By Homes Of Others

Getting inspiration from the homes of others is an excellent way of seeing how interior design trends work in practice. It will also allow you to imagine how you could incorporate new things and concepts into your existing style. It is an easily accessible source of inspiration, too.

You can draw inspiration from the homes of your family or friends. However, you can also find articles and videos of home tours online. For example, you can watch house tours from your favourite celebrities on their YouTube channel. Seeing how others treat current trends can also show you that you do not need to update your interior with everything popular at the time. Sometimes, it is best to work with a more timeless design which you can spice up with those trends that you like.

Go Down The Pinterest Rabbit Hole

Pinterest is full of inspiration, not only when it comes to interior design. Type in your desired style, room or a feature you need to get inspiration for and get carried away. It is easy to get lost and overwhelmed with the number of posts you can find there.

However, you can save and organise images into boards based on the topic. This way, you will keep the ideas in order, making it easier for you to come back and sort through all the inspiration.

Stay Ahead Of Interior Design Trends With Timeless Décor

Interior design and fashion have at least one thing in common – some things never come out of style. If you like to follow trends but do not want to worry about updating your home as trends come and go, it is best to go for a more timeless décor. This way, you will never come out of fashion.

You can go for more neutral colours and keep things simple. But if you would like to incorporate trends into your home in some form anyway, you can always change up accent colours or patterns in the room.

Let Your Area Light Your Imagination On Fire

Getting inspired by the area you live in is another way of staying on top of interior design trends. Perhaps your area is famous for some materials. Then, you can include them in your home.

For example, suppose your town is famous for its glassworks or ceramics. In that case, you can easily find a glass artist and decorate the room with some vases. Or, if your area is well known for woodwork, you can liven the room up with some rustic-looking furniture that will give your home character. This way, you can show how proud you are to live in the area.

Do Not Depend Entirely On Trends And Trust Your Instinct

It is essential to keep in mind that trends are not something you have to live by. You can use them as ideas or guidelines, but in the end, having trendy furniture and home décor does not really matter.

You should feel happy and comfortable in your own home. If you like things that do not necessarily go along with what everyone else prefers. Trust your instinct, and maybe you will be surprised with the combinations and ideas you come up with.

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Creating A Safe Outdoor Space For Children 

Posted by admin
July 5th, 2022

Creating A Safe Outdoor Space For Children? 4 Things To Consider

Having a garden for your children to play in alongside their friends is a common goal for parents across the world. Those that are lucky enough to have a space like this for their kids to run around getting exercise and mental stimulation will also understand that there are a lot of things to consider to ensure that it’s a safe space for them too. While you can’t wrap your kids up in bubble wrap for their whole lives, you can take steps to increase their level of safety while playing in the garden. That way, you can be confident that they’ll be as safe as possible without needing excessive supervision. 

Keep Things Simple

When designing your garden with your kids in mind, your best option is to make things as simple as possible. Extensive borders and intricate flower beds across your garden just have a risk of being trampled or crushed, wasting your time and money. There are many benefits to having a natural lawn instead. In terms of safety, it will provide your kids with a softer area for them to play on. Gravel pathways, concrete paving, and low brick walls may improve the garden’s aesthetics, but they may result in more injuries if your kids trip or fall. 

Be Aware Of Which Materials You Use

When it comes to choosing the materials you use in your garden, safety is paramount to these choices. Grass, soil, sand, and even wood are great, safe options. While they aren’t guaranteed to prevent all injuries, they will make things a bit less dangerous. As well as this, you’ll want to avoid breakable materials like glass too. For example, a plastic greenhouse will be much safe than a glass one as glass can shatter, leaving shards of hard-to-find glass strewn around your garden. If you want to find a good plastic alternative for your greenhouse, you can learn more here from Clear Amber, specialists in this area.

Make Use Of Gates And Fences

This may seem like an obvious safety method, but it should be reiterated that fences and gates can be extremely handy in restricting access into and out of your garden. First of all, the surrounding fence of your garden should be large enough to prevent your kids from getting out. It’s highly recommended you use a fence that doesn’t present itself as a makeshift ladder with horizontal beams providing a means for kids to climb over. Your gate should also be locked, with only you having access to the key. You can also use internal dividing fences to block off any potentially dangerous areas of your garden, such as swimming pools, ponds, and rivers that your garden may back onto.

Use Technology To Keep Kids Safe

If you’re going to be letting your kids play in your garden when you’re not there, there are ways in which you can do this to increase their safety with the use of technology. You can install outdoor security cameras that you can access from your smartphone and sensors that will alert you if anyone goes past a certain point, such as towards your swimming pool or pond. Inform your kids that you are always watching and that the sensors are there, which will also prevent them from going to places they shouldn’t.

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