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Decorating a room, the finishing touches

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January 1st, 2012

Adding the final touches to your newly decorated room

Once you have either decorated a room yourself or had a professional to decorate for you, there are still finishing touches you can add to dress the room and finish the look. These finishing touches can be furniture, such as a living room or dining room suites, a new carpet or floor covering, some ornaments or even some artwork for your walls.

Adding your own touch

Adding some artwork to your walls can really make a statement and add a personal touch. If you have plain walls you can really use this space to add some character to a room. So what kind of picture do you choose? You can be bold in your choice or you can blend in, it’s often a good idea to pick one colour from your room and link everything together from that. You could use a colour from the walls, wallpaper, curtains or carpet as your starting point and then match similar colours for a colour palette for your room.
If on the other hand you walls are a plain colour, such as white you can go mad and add colour through the artwork and accessories you choose. Artwork is a good way to add a finishing touch to a room.


If you want to add some artwork to your walls there are a few ways in which you can do this. You can go to a local artist or gallery and buy direct, you can make your own, if you paint you could have an original on your walls. Most people nowadays have digital cameras so you can print out you own pictures and hang them on you walls. Another alternative is to buy online from an art gallery. There are several art gallery’s online just simply search.

Our artwork

My wife, Hazel and I both like art and create our own artwork. Hazel paints using molten bees wax that is coloured, it’s called encasutic art. She sells her original artwork online via her Art in Wax website and we have several around our home decorating the walls. I, on the other hand take photographs. I am a keen photographer of many subjects and we also have some of my work on our walls. You can see some of my work on my flickr photostream, or you can buy my work from Next (Art2Order) and Eazyart.

Yellow Lily
Yellow Lily

I took this photograph of a yellow Day Lily during the past summer (2011), I like the vivid yellow with the backdrop of the summer blue sky behind with some light fluffy clouds in the distance. I think it makes for a stunning vivid image. We have this image printed on canvas and it looks amazing hanging in our hallway, we also have a blue water droplet I photographed printed on a canvas in our lounge on the fire breast wall. I intend to have more of my photographs, landscapes and still life images printed and make more available to buy online in the coming year.

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