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Is it OK to use lining paper on kitchen walls

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September 26th, 2014

lining paper

Is it OK to use lining paper on kitchen walls

Lining paper is used to give a good base to either emulsion or wallpaper over. As long as the preparation is done well and the lining paper is stuck well to the walls, then lining paper is OK to use on kitchen walls.

Safety first

As with all wallpapers, lining paper shouldn’t be hung near naked flames or any ignition source, this is especially true in kitchens.

image of calculator with 37.6 in the display

How much lining paper do I need for my kitchen

It is easy to measure for lining paper, all you require is a tape measure, pencil or pen and a note pad.
Measure the height and perimeter or the walls to be lined and make a note of these measurements. Then go to our wallpaper calculator and enter these measurements, the calculator will then tell you how many rolls of lining paper you need to buy.

What grade of lining paper should I use

Lining paper comes in different thicknesses, known as grades or gauge. Typically in most cases 1200 or 1400 gauge lining paper will be sufficient. However if your walls are in a really bad condition you could use a thicker lining paper such as a 2000 gauge lining paper. You can also buy specialist papers such as thermal liners, soundproofing liners and damp proof liners, but typically standard lining paper will suffice.

Use a good quality paste and follow the manufactures instructions for mixing paste.

lining paper gauge

Do you need lining paper

Lining paper is not a miracle cure, and it isn’t an easy option that means you do not have to do any preparation, you do. Lining paper isn’t a substitute for good preparation, taking time to fill and sand walls could be a better option than hanging lining paper.

Lining paper is ideal to give good sound base for wallpaper and emulsion but shouldn’t be thought of as a quick fix to smooth walls.

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Dulux Trade Diamond Matt

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November 14th, 2011

Image of Dulux Diamond Matt
Image of Dulux Diamond Matt
Image of Dulux Diamond Matt

A review of Dulux Trade Diamond Matt

A tough, washable matt emulsion with 10 times the durability of silk emulsions” – quote Dulux Trade

I was recently asked by TradeXpress to review the Dulux Trade Diamond Matt, Pure Brilliant White emulsion; I used this product both on a ceiling and walls to review this product.

As I opened the tin I thought it had more odour then the normal trade paint, but maybe that’s just me. It isn’t a strong smell and doesn’t linger so wasn’t an issue. I was impressed by the opacity and how it covered the artexed ceiling I painted. I was also impressed with the whiteness, it certainly was a pure brilliant white.

The paint went on well; the coverage is on par with normal Matt emulsion although slightly less at 16m² per litre. However, drying time is increased with a recoat time of 4-6 hours compared to 2-4 hours of vinyl matt. Touch dry will obviously depend on the conditions in which you are working but for me it took around 3 hours for each coat to fully dry.

Durability and Stain Resistance

The big selling point of this paint is of course it’s durability and stain resistance and the fact you can wash marks off without getting that ‘buffed sheen’ look you normally get from vinyl matt emulsions. I have tried rubbing a small area of the wall I painted and I couldn’t see any obvious signs of a sheen appearing.

The Dulux Trade datasheet (447) for this product states it is suitable for use in Kitchens and Bathrooms due to it’s moisture resistant properties. For this review I used Dulux Trade Diamond Matt Pure Brilliant White on a Kitchen ceiling and walls in a cupboard. I am confident this paint will hold up well in the area’s I used it.

The Product comes in 2.5 and 5 litre cans and of course you can have any colour mixed with colour tinting.

The only downside I can see would be it’s price, at over £15 per 5L can more than traditional Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt and the colour mixing prices at around £70 for 5 litres. However, saying that, I feel if the job calls for a tough durable stain resistant paint I would use this product.

For more information see the TradeXpress website or find them on Facebook: TradeXpress UK or Twitter @TradeXpress.

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Selling your house? – Decorating tips

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May 16th, 2011

House graphic with For Sale board

Decorating tips that could help sell your house

If your trying to sell you house you want to show it off at it’s best. In order for you to accomplish this you may need to do a little work. There are the obvious and cliché things such as fresh flowers, freshly made bread or coffee brewing but there is more you can do. Have a look at your decorating, as a little work could be the difference between selling and not selling your house.

If there is a choice between your house and a similar house at the same price, they may go for the other house if less work is needed, something worth thinking about.

Colours can make all the difference

If you like bright colours for your woodwork or walls you may consider changing these to a more subdued colour scheme, now I’m not saying that colour is a bad thing or everything needs to be ‘magnolia and white’. I’m saying that in order to sell your house and do so quickly you may want to go for more ‘neutral’ colours as this works best for other people’s items such as furniture.

If someone looks around your house and think they are going to have to redecorate fairly soon because your decorating scheme isn’t to their taste this to them will add on money they need to spend out and be a negative on your property.

Making a good first impression

Make sure your exterior also looks presentable, peeling; flaking paintwork isn’t normally a good sign of what may follow. If your woodwork is rotten of render blown you may need to be prepared to drop the asking price if you want a quick sale.
Gates and fences should also look in good condition and maybe a quick coat of paint wouldn’t go a miss.

The Hub of a home

A kitchen is the hub of any house. If your kitchen is looking a bit tired or outdated you obviously don’t want to start fitting a new kitchen but you could always consider changing the kitchen doors and draw fronts.
This can be done a lot cheaper than replacing a kitchen but will give an old kitchen a new lease of life and make it look newer than it is. You could paint the kitchen units but if you do make sure it looks professional as badly painted kitchen units will not do you any favours. Maybe some new flooring and a lick of paint will finish of the look.

A cared for house is a welcoming new home?

Your house needs to look as if it has been cared for, not a show house but lived in and cared for. The potential buyers will then feel that any problems that have occurred you have dealt with and they aren’t buying a whole load of problems and work.

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