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Personalising Your First Home

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April 7th, 2021

Personalising Your First Home

When you own or rent your first home away from the one you grew up in, it can be both challenging and exciting. While you might be looking forward to spreading your roots independently, the responsibilities now also fall onto yourself, as opposed to your parents or guardians. The amount that you can personalise your home will depend on whether you have bought the property or are renting from a landlord. The amount of creative control that a renter has will differ, depending on the rules set down by their landlord, but that does not mean that personalisation is impossible.

Wall Art

Using pictures and frames to decorate your home can help bring a more personal touch. You could choose to use traditional photographs or even canvas prints with free hanging kit that will allow you to have more of a 3D effect on your walls. This art could feature traditional images by well known artists, or instead incorporate some of your family photos or holiday snapshots. You may need to check with your landlord if it is acceptable to hang items on the wall. If not, you could always use your canvasses and photographs on tables and sideboards, so there is no damage done to the house itself.

Wall Colouring

If you are a homeowner, you will have full jurisdiction over the colours you choose for your home. You may opt to use your favourite colours, or look into which colours are likely to be popular this year. For smaller homes or flats, you may also want to consider trying to maximise the size of your rooms. This can be achieved by letting in as much natural light as possible, as well as using lighter colours. This increases the appearance of the size of the room due to having more surface area for light to reflect off of. Once you have chosen the wall colours for your room, you could also pick out curtains or blinds that will match this theme and give the vertical surfaces more of a polished look.

Rugs and Carpeting

For homes that you own, you may be able to change the carpeting or even replace it with wood panel flooring or elegant tiles. While those living in rented accommodation may not be able to do this, that doesn’t mean that the flooring cannot be personalised. Choosing rugs that match the colour schemes of your furniture, offer you a bit of warmth under your toes, or simply take your fancy, can help to cater each room more to your tastes than simply leaving them as is.

The decoration and personalisation of your home may not seem like a big deal, especially when you have to unpack and sort out your utilities and other bills. However, this personalisation can help you to feel more at home that bit quicker within your own space, allowing you to build up your confidence and start enjoying the aspects of independent living.

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How to Repaint Internal Doors – contributed by handle King

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February 5th, 2018

How to Repaint Internal Doors

Do your doors look a little tired and need a new lease of life? In a traditional home, solid wood doors can be stripped and restored to augment their natural beauty. Black or copper door handles are a great way to offset this period look and add a modern twist. Stainless steel and chrome door handles on the other hand look perfect on white doors in a contemporary interior and offer a neutral ambiance throughout your home. Consider the contours and tones in your room to determine the handles that best complement your interior.

If your doors are paint encrusted, you will need to strip the layers of paint back before refinishing. This will not only improve the aesthetic finish on your doors, but will also help to ensure your doors operate smoothly. If lead based paint is being removed, it is best to speak with a reputable specialist for advice before carrying out work as there are additional precautions which need to be taken to ensure the paint is removed safely.

Painting an internal door with a roller

Before you commence work it is important to prepare your work station. Protective gloves, eye and face masks are necessary to ensure that no dust is inhaled and offer you protection from any chemical cleaners that may be used. Ensure that the items you are using are fit for purpose before you start. Once you have done this it is best to unhinge the door to ensure an even finish. Make sure that your work area is well ventilated and dust sheets are laid to catch the debris.

Perhaps the most common method for stripping paint from your door is using a chemical stripper. Typically, this is applied to the surface of the door then after the specified time the paint is removed using a scraper. On stubborn and intricate areas of the door or architrave, a wire brush maybe used to carefully remove paint from the surface. Once you have completed this step, any chemical residue should be removed using the recommended fluid specified on the product you are using. Always follow the step-by-step instructions specified by the manufacturer as they will be most relevant to the product you are using.

Once the paint has been successfully removed, it’s time to sand your door in preparation for painting. When painting, remember to apply the paint smoothly and evenly, do not overload your brush, as this can cause the paint to run which in turn can create drip marks to dry onto the surface of your door. Remember to allow enough time for
the paint to completely dry before applying a further coat of paint. Once you are happy with the finish, you will be ready to hang the doors and fit your door handles.

Fitting a new door handle

Should you require new door handles, why not check out the extensive range of door hardware on offer from making use of discount code ‘DECO5’ at checkout to receive a generous 5% discount off all orders!

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Guest Post By Art In Wax

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February 8th, 2012


Interior Decorating and Home Décor

When decorating your home or office there are lots of things to consider, and not just the colours, paints, wallpaper and other wall coverings, but also the style and the décor (decorations) you want for the overall finish.

You may want to use the decorating to bring the colour to a room, with use of complimentary colour painting schemes or feature walls. And using wallpapers and wall coverings to bring contrast and keeping the rooms accessories in a neutral style. Alternatively walls and paint work could be decorated in neutral tones and the ascent focused on the styling of a room using furniture, lighting, soft furnishings, art and accessories.

As an encaustic artist I personally like to have our home decorated in subtle tones and use art to decorator the walls, this gives us the option to change the style of a room with the re-arrangement of our Art and accessories without having to fully change wall colours and so on.

Kitchen Decoration

As an example, at the end of the summer last year we re-decorated our kitchen. We are working with some green coloured (inherited) units and decided to change from a mushroom colour to a complementing green and opted for “English Mist”. This colour on the walls, which are plain lined, works well with White ceiling and woodwork and makes the kitchen a light and clean looking environment.

To compliment the plain walls we have three paintings of herbs framed and hung on the wall over the dinning table, the frames are a simple wood effect and make a great surround for the paintings which depict a rustic style terracotta pots of Thyme, Chives and Sage.

Encaustic Art

Paintings created in encaustic wax have a wonderful sheen and texture. Encaustic Artist Hazel Rayfield using hot wax to paint her unique art work, paintings are created using coloured encaustic wax and heat tools, the Art In Wax website blog has a lot of information about this art form, including videos of Hazel demonstrating how she paints using molten wax.

Decorating your home with Encaustic Art

The Art In Wax gallery has many paintings, ranging from flowers and landscapes to funky fish and fashion style artwork, suitable for many different types and styles of room. Encaustic art can be mounted and framed to great effect or display using a stand or display easel which look great as accessories on table tops or shelves.

So if you would like some Original Art for your newly decorated room, or to add a change to existing décor in your home or office, why not visit All art is original, NOT prints and are unique and individual: Shop online now for Art In Wax.

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