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Colour Trends For 2023

Posted by Adrian
December 3rd, 2022

Colour Trends For 2023

Each year a team of top international design experts come together to discuss world wide trends. This is then translated into a colour scheme, then they compile a colour of the year with supporting colour palettes. They have selected a range of colours they think will be the trend throughout 2023.

What Is The Trend Colour For 2023

Colour Swatch 50YY 49/191

The colour of the year 2023 is…… 50YY 49/191 (also known as Wild Wonder).

“For the past 20 years, Dulux colour experts have been translating global insights into a Colour of the Year that matches the mood of the moment. Using these insights and a wealth of colour expertise, the team then chooses a Colour of the Year, and builds four new, easy to use paint palettes around it to help interior designers, decorators and building design professionals to create better, more comfortable homes and public spaces all over the world.         
A light, earthy shade that connects us with the natural world, Dulux Trade Colour of the Year, Wild Wonder™  brings energy and positivity to our living and working spaces.   It shows how living in  tune with the natural world, bring balance to our busy lives and is versatile-  helping to create different moods in interiors and exteriors across every sector.”                       

Quote from Dulux website.

You can see more of this years colour schemes here:
See more of this years colour of the year and colour schemes.

Paint Calculator

If you would like to use the colour of the year (50YY 49/191) or any other colour you need to buy and need to work out how much you need to buy, use our Paint Calculator.

Other useful links

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Video from Dulux YouTube channel.

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