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Colour samples

Posted by Adrian
February 12th, 2009

Colour samples and testers

Don’t paint them all over the walls!

Graphic of colour samples on wall

Choosing paint colours can be a hard; buying sample/tester pots is a good way to see the colours for real rather than just from a paint chart.

When you have gone out and purchased your sample pots my tip would be NOT to paint them on the wall directly as the brushes that come with the pots are stiff and course. Painting the sample colour on the wall with this type of brush leaves a streaky and thick finish that can show through when you finally paint the wall.

If you have painted on the wall ensure you give this area a good rub down when the sample paint is dry before painting.

I would suggest either painting on the wall with a good brush or roller that you would use to paint the wall afterwards or best of all, paint the colour on some lining paper or thick paper, let it dry and then give it a second coat.

Now you have a good surface area coved on the paper with two coats cut around the paper so you have the colour right up to the edges, then you can masking tape the paper to the wall around the room so you can see the colour in different locations and lights during the day. You can also take the paper with you to shops to help you pick fabrics, soft furnishes and curtains etc.

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