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Making life easy

Posted by Adrian
March 23rd, 2009

Graphic of screw (copyrignt Adrian Rayfield)

Wood screws – Make life easy

If you have screwed something into wood before you may of noticed two things, firstly it can be tough using a screwdriver rather than a drill, secondly you may split the wood.

There are two very simple tips you can try and they are:

  1. First drill a ‘pilot hole’, basically drill a smaller hole than you need allowing the screw to go in easier and the wood will not split.
  2. Before you screw the screw into the wood apply one of the following wd40, soap (liquid or hard), wax or oil to the thread of the screw. By doing this it makes the screw glide into the wood, it also helps the thread from not rusting so quickly on steal screws and has an added benefit that if you want to take the screw out in the future it will be far easier to do so. In fact I have taken doors off that have been hung for the best part of 100 years and the screws come out simply because rubbing wax on the threads used to be an old chippies (carpenter) trick.

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