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What can you do with your old paint?

Posted by Adrian
October 2nd, 2009

Old paint can with runs down the outsideAs we now live in an environmental conscious society it is getting harder and harder to dispose of rubbish, including items such as paint and other hazardous waste.

So what can you do with your old paint, I bet you either put old tins of paint in your garage or shed and when you comes to use them again they have either gone off as the frost has got to them or they have a skin over the top an inch thick!

The next time you do some decorating instead of putting the left over paint in the garage or shed or taking to the local tip why not put it to good use.
Think of people who can use it, such people as local clubs, community projects, friends, relative or neighbours or even your local allotment society.
All these people (and more) I’m sure would receive your left over paint gratefully and be able to make good use of it.

Dulux sponsor an initiative called “Community RePaint” a project that provides an outlet for unwanted old paint in your local community.
Search online for “Community RePaint” for more information.

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