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Wallpaper calculator

Posted by Adrian
September 21st, 2009

New and Improved Calculator

Wallpaper Calculator

Continuing on from the review of our site and blog and seeing where we can improve things, we have improved our wallpaper calculator and feet to metre converter.

Using this popular tool is now even easier, especially if you are converting from feet to metres first.

You can see the new wallpaper calculator here.

We welcome your comments.

Using our calculator is easy

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Measure up – Wallpaper calculator

Posted by Adrian
September 13th, 2008

Drawing of tape measure and calculatorWe have added a wallpaper calculator to assist you in working out how many rolls of wallpaper you require for a room, it’s quick and simple to use, so why not give it a go.

Also on the page is a feet to metre converter, if you still work in imperial rather than metric.

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