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How to cut wallpaper

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February 28th, 2017


How to cut wallpaper

If you are hanging any type of wallpaper, making a good clean cut can make or break a job. The last thing you want to see are torn ragged edges, so the key to cutting wallpaper is to use sharp tools.


Scissors can be used to trim paper, cut paper and remove excess paper as you hang, so a good paper hanging pair of scissors are always good to have to hand when wallpapering. To use scissors to trim the top and bottom of the paper, use a pencil to mark a line where you need to cut making sure the paper is well pushed in. Mark and then lift the paper slightly and trim carefully along the line with the scissors or papering shears.



A knife is the most popular choice, and the best type to use are a craft knife or one that has snap off blades. This way you can simply snap an end off and you have a sharp cutting edge again, this should be done regularly to avoid the knife dragging and tearing the paper. The amount of cuts between each ‘snap’ of blade will depend on the surface you are cutting on to. Wood and plaster will blunt the blade quickly.

To trim the paper make sure the paper is pushed well into where the cut will be, then use something like a wide scraper to hold the paper and then cut along the edge with a sharp knife. Having a sharp knife will make life easier and you can trim on one cut.

Rotary Cutter

Other tools

There are a number of other tools on the market such as rotary cutters, battery powered cutters, triangle shaped and wedge shaped cutter. All these tools work on the same basic principle, they use a sharp cutting blade to trim the paper. Some I have to say are more successful than others, and some last better than others but at the end of the day it is personal preference to which tool you prefer to use.

Triangle Cutter
wide scraper

Wallpaper Calculator

If you need to work out how many rolls of wallpaper to buy, why not use our Wallpaper Calculator to do it, it even has a feet to metre convertor.

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Why does wallpaper have different batch numbers

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October 30th, 2014

Why does wallpaper have different batch numbers

A question I get asked from time to time or see a search on our property decorating website is why do wallpaper rolls have different batch numbers, and why are they important?

All wallpapers, not lining papers, should carry a batch number and colour number code on their label. If not on the label then maybe on a sticker on the end of the roll. It is important to look out for these batch numbers and colour numbers when purchasing your rolls of wallpaper.

It is important to ensure all batch numbers are the same when purchasing wallpaper to ensure good colour and pattern match between each roll.

Why are there different batch numbers for the same design of wallpaper

You will notice that some rolls of wallpaper have different batch numbers on the rolls even though the design and pattern are the same, this is because wallpaper manufacturers make a large amount of rolls of wallpaper in one go, or batch. When one batch is completed each roll made from this batch run will carry the same batch number.

When a new batch is run off a new batch number will be used, a slight difference between batches may occur in colour. So to avoid disappointment of your finished job ensure all batch numbers are the same before starting the job, if they aren’t change the rolls so all the batch numbers match.

You may also wonder what the other symbols on the wallpaper roll mean.

What do wallpaper symbols mean

If you look at the label of a roll of wallpaper you will notice some odd looking symbols on it, such as this one. Wallpaper symbol - Extra washable

This symbol actually means the wallpaper is ‘Extra Washable’ so can be used where it may get splashes or dirty and wiped with a sponge for example, but it isn’t a scrubbable paper as that would be this symbol. Wallpaper symbol - scrubbable

For more symbols and their meaning, see our Wallpaper Symbols page.

Measuring for wallpaper

Before going out and purchasing rolls of wallpaper you will need to know how many rolls to buy, we have a handy wallpaper calculator on our website to help you work out how many rolls of wallpaper you will need. All you need to do is follow the instructions on the page and the calculator will work out how many rolls you will need to purchase. It is a very straight forward wallpaper calculator unlike some others that can be very time consuming and complicated, and we even have included and feet to meters converter and should only take a couple of minutes from start to finish to get your result.

batch number on wallpaper

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Is it OK to use lining paper on kitchen walls

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September 26th, 2014

lining paper

Is it OK to use lining paper on kitchen walls

Lining paper is used to give a good base to either emulsion or wallpaper over. As long as the preparation is done well and the lining paper is stuck well to the walls, then lining paper is OK to use on kitchen walls.

Safety first

As with all wallpapers, lining paper shouldn’t be hung near naked flames or any ignition source, this is especially true in kitchens.

image of calculator with 37.6 in the display

How much lining paper do I need for my kitchen

It is easy to measure for lining paper, all you require is a tape measure, pencil or pen and a note pad.
Measure the height and perimeter or the walls to be lined and make a note of these measurements. Then go to our wallpaper calculator and enter these measurements, the calculator will then tell you how many rolls of lining paper you need to buy.

What grade of lining paper should I use

Lining paper comes in different thicknesses, known as grades or gauge. Typically in most cases 1200 or 1400 gauge lining paper will be sufficient. However if your walls are in a really bad condition you could use a thicker lining paper such as a 2000 gauge lining paper. You can also buy specialist papers such as thermal liners, soundproofing liners and damp proof liners, but typically standard lining paper will suffice.

Use a good quality paste and follow the manufactures instructions for mixing paste.

lining paper gauge

Do you need lining paper

Lining paper is not a miracle cure, and it isn’t an easy option that means you do not have to do any preparation, you do. Lining paper isn’t a substitute for good preparation, taking time to fill and sand walls could be a better option than hanging lining paper.

Lining paper is ideal to give good sound base for wallpaper and emulsion but shouldn’t be thought of as a quick fix to smooth walls.

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