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How to paint a ceiling

Posted by Adrian
April 11th, 2010

Graphic of equipment

How to paint a ceiling

To start gather all the equipment needed

You will need:

  • Dustsheets – To cover floor and furniture
  • A brush – 1½ or 2 inch
  • A roller cage – for the roller sleeve to go onto
  • A roller sleeve – for smooth and lightly textured artexed ceilings use a fine or medium pile roller, ideally a 9-inch sleeve, for heavily artexed ceilings a long pile roller sleeve may be required
  • A roller tray – big enough for a 9-inch roller
  • A paint kettle – to tip some paint into for cutting in
  • Paint – The paint for the ceiling, normally emulsion (use our paint calculator to determine how much paint you need)
  • A step ladder

First move any furniture out of the room and cover any remaining furniture or alternatively cover the floor and furniture with dustsheets. Make sure you can reach the entire ceiling without over reaching, as this is unsafe. Next open your tin of paint and stir well, tip a small amount into the paint kettle, then fill the paint tray.

Now cut in (i.e. paint around the edge) using the brush and kettle, cut in around the ceiling including any light fittings. If you have coving, paint this with the brush also.

Once you have cut in, take your roller and get some paint onto it, roll it on the tray to work the paint into the roller sleeve and get it all around the sleeve.

Now take the roller and roll it over the ceiling, I find it best to work away from a natural light source such as a window

Work in small area’s in front, behind and either side of you, then top the roller up and move to the next area.

When you second coat the ceiling it maybe an idea to work at adjacent angle to avoid any missed area’s, this will also ensure you don’t end up with lines and also will give a nice even coat across the ceiling.

When you second coat the ceiling, cut in as before but this time don’t brush the coving, use a fairly dry roller to go over the coving, this will give a nicer finish. In my opinion anyway!

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  2. ray Says:

    First class advice looking foward doing my own many thanks

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