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Wallpaper Calculator Featured in Interior Design Newsletter

Posted by Adrian
May 11th, 2010

Screen shot of newsletter

Interior designer Françoise Murat : Wallpapering Article Featuring our Wallpaper Calculator

Today was featured in the newsletter of Interior designer Françoise Murat in her feature on Wallpaper “Wallpaper – an amazing decorative wall covering”.

The newsletter can be read online at Françoise Murat’s website

And the full article including details of our wallpaper calculators and why I developed them for the website and as a resource for DIYer’s and Trademen alike can be read in the article :–wallpaper-amazing-decorative-wall-coverings.html

EDITED – 14/05/2010
Today we are also featured on Sarah Beeny’s website Tepilo where Françoise guest blogs about ‘A British approach to decoration: Wallpapers‘.

Françoise says in the blog:

The first question any client always asks me is: how much do I need to buy? How do I calculate what I need for such and such room? The answer? Adrian Rayfield of has devised a fantastically easy tool – see what he says”

Calculator Links :

Wallpaper Calculator.

Ceiling Wallpaper Calculator.

Tile Calculator.

Paint Coverage Calculator.

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