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Stepping back in time

Posted by Adrian
September 17th, 2023

Stepping back in time

Stepping back in time, kind of. I revisited this 17th century property again recently to paint the exterior again, which I did back in 2014. Both the woodwork and the masonry had weathered well considering the property is exposed on all sides
Some filling was needed to repair some minor rot on a couple of windows, the masonry has lasted well, but as it is so exposed to the elements it had faded, and there was some mould and lichen growth.
This was treated and removed before apply two coats of masonry paint. The windows were then painted, pipework and plinth. Once completed it bought the property back up to scratch and to its former glory and now almost glows when the sun is on it that can be seen as you drive along neighbouring roads.
So now this property will look good, and be protected from the elements for at least eight more years.

Side of house with ladders leaning against it

Ladders over porch

Side porch and extension

Completed front of house side angle

Finished side wall painted

Side porch

Side of house with ladders leaning against it part painted wall

rear of house

Completed front of house side angle

Side of house and pergola

Completed front of house

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2 Responses to “Stepping back in time”

  1. Sheila Yates-Harris Says:

    Hi there I have got some wallpaper which on a separate label there are 3 arrows two going up and middle one going down does this mean I hang alternately?
    Also the paper is luxury heavyweight vinyl called Zambaiti Parati should I do a thicker mix of paste or is there a specific one to use thank you.

    Date posted : January 14th, 2024 at 12:57 pm
  2. Adrian Says:

    Hi Sheila
    Have a look at my wallpaper symbols page but yes it is alternating. As for the paste, use the recommended paste by the manufacturer, it may say ready mixed. If you are unsure contact the supplier or manufacturer.

    Date posted : January 14th, 2024 at 2:12 pm

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