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October 29th, 2011

Connect with us in the social media world

There is now another way you can spread the word about our website and blog, we have recently added Google+ to both our website and the posts within our blog. You can +1 each post, this will show in your +1 section within your Google+ profile so you can publicly recommend that post.

We have a google+ account and you can join our circles. We have also included an easy way to ‘Add to circles’ by a widget on the left side border on the website and the right side border on the blog.

You can also find all our other social media links on the ‘About this blog‘ page, we have added the Google+, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin so its easy for you to connect with us.

So, if your interested in decorating, DIY and industry news please ‘Add to circle‘ on Google+, ‘Like‘ us on Facebook, ‘Tweet‘ us on Twitter, and ‘Connect‘ with us on Linkedin.

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Property Decorating is now on Facebook

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January 28th, 2011

Property Decorating on Facebook

Continuing the social network

It was this time last year when we signed up to Twitter, you can read my experiences about my first year on Twitter in my recent post.

Property Decorating on Facebook

We are always looking at our site and blog for ways of improving things, bring more information to people like yourselves, and ways in which we can have contact with the public and visa versa, to this end we have signed up to a business Facebook account.

Social Media

We shall be using this account as another means to communicate what we do to people as well as a way of notifying people with news and blog updates.

You can see our Facebook page here.

Share, Like, Tweet

We have also added some ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ buttons on some of the pages on the site and all the posts on our decorating blog (At the bottom of each post).
We hope that if you find either a page, such as the calculator pages, or and post on the blog interesting or useful, you will use the share or like buttons, (and not forgetting the tweet button) to let your friends know about it.

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A year in the life on twitter

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January 18th, 2011

Follow me on twitter

Twitter, a year on

2010 saw joining Twitter, and now in January 2011 a year on, has it all been worth it?

On January 1st 2010 I signed up to Twitter with no real expectations, I have been tweeting for a year now.
I have made lots of new contacts, from people in the decorating trade such as painters and decorators, as well as companies supplying all sorts of things from wallpaper to tool and sundries, also some famous celebrity types to individual crafts people such as stained glass and hand painted wallpaper and some designers as well.

So a very varied selection of people, I tweet regularly with lots of people and have discovered some real talents that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or use myself.

Through my tweeting I met Françoise Murat (@FrancoiseM), an Interior and garden designer, I wrote a guest article for her blog about our wallpaper calculator. You can read the full article here–wallpaper-amazing-decorative-wall-coverings.html. As Françoise also guest blogs for Sarah Beeny’s website Tepilo (@tepilo) my article was also featured on Tepilos blog, you can see that article here

I also tweeted with Dulux Trade (@DuluxTrade) and through this I wrote a short piece about a horror tale for their TradeXpress newsletter ‘Tales of Horror’ section in December last year. I blogged about this at the time, you can see my blog post here or read the article in the December 2010 TradeXpress newsletter if you can get your hands on one or via their website

January 2011

This January saw an addition to the blog and website, we have added ‘Tweet’ buttons on each blog post, these can been seen just before the comments section. We have also added these buttons on some pages across the website, such as all the calculator pages and wallpaper symbols page.
If you find a blog article useful or interesting, or think the calculators are a handy tool, please tweet about them. Simply hit the Tweet button, a new window opens with pre-filled text and a link to the page, you can add text if you wish or simply hit the Tweet button. This tweet will then appear in your time line.

So has it all been worth it, definitely, and I shall be continuing to Twitter.

You can keep up with what I am doing simply by following me @propertydecor.

I Tweet about new blog post, any industry news I feel would benefit people and of course any news to do with

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