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Some recently completed painting and decorating work

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March 23rd, 2018

Some recently completed painting and decorating work

I have decided to do a post about some of my recently completed work, these are only a selection of work I have done in the past couple of months. They include water damage repair, a wallpapering job and an emusioning job, coincidentally they are all bedrooms.

Water stain to ceiling and walls

The first job shown here was of a water stain to a ceiling and walls. The stain was treated and then the ceiling was painted with white emulsion, with the walls being painted a pink tone emulsion. The woodwork was painted in white satinwood and finally a feature wall was papered to complete the job.

Water stain, paint and paper bedroom

Wallpaper in a bedroom

This job was a simple remove old wallpaper and border, paint the ceiling white and re-paper the walls with a floral patterned wallpaper. No woodwork was done.
I removed the old wallpaper and border, filled some small holes and cracks before painting the ceiling with white emulsion. Finally I hung the floral wallpaper to complete the job.
Floral wallpaper

Painting in a bedroom

The third job I am showing you was a repaint in a bedroom. I started by filling some small holes, there wasn’t much filling to do as the ceiling and walls had been papered. I then painted the ceiling down to the picture rail with white emulsion, then I painted the picture rail before painting the walls in a green colour. The remaining woodwork was painted with white satinwood. The door and floor was not touched, although I had previously varnished them.

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How to deal with water stains

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June 1st, 2010

Graphic of stain stop and brush

How to deal with stains

Following a recent job I did I thought I would do a post about how to deal with stains, in this case, water stains.

I had a call from a client who had a Velux window that appeared to be leaking and had stained the ceiling of their garden room.

After the roofer came and found the source of the problem, a broken tile, and repaired it I went back and decorated the room for them.

The source of the leak had been fixed and the water had dried out so I could start to decorate.

A before and after shot of water stain on ceiling and coving

The first thing I did was identifying the stain by drawing around each stain with a pencil so it was easier to see when I used the stain block.

Once I had highlighted all the water stains with a pencil I used Polycell Stain Block to cover the stains, using a brush I painted over the stains, I knew how far to go as I had drawn around the stains. I covered the stains and pencil lines with the stain block, I then prepared the rest of the garden room by filling cracks to the walls while I waited for it to dry which took about two hours.

Once the stain block was dry I could paint the ceiling with white emulsion and the ceiling was as good as new, I then painted the walls to complete the job.

Another job and another satisfied client.

Always ensure the source of the leak is fixed and that you allow time for the water to dry out before decorating.
Some stains may need a second coat of stain block, allow to dry between coats.
Allow the stain block to dry fully before decorating.

Some people use an oil-based paint such as gloss, undercoat or satinwood to block out the stain, I have done this in the past but would only recommend using satinwood or undercoat due to it’s sheen level.

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