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Decorating and preparation

Posted by Adrian
February 9th, 2010

(copyrignt Adrian Rayfield)

Decoration or Preparation?

Preparation is key

A good decorating job consists of 90% preparation and 10% decoration, get these percentages around the wrong way, and you’ll know about it.

Taking the time to prepare before you decorate will pay dividends by giving you a far superior finish.

Things such as removing old wallpaper, washing things down, dusting off all take time but need to be done and done right.

For ceiling and walls

Remove any old wallpaper first. Stick back any loose paper if you just want to paint over it.
Make sure any loose plaster is rectified; fill holes and cracks.
Remove any old rawl plugs and fill the holes.
Ensure filler is sanded down properly and not left high, as it will show.


Make sure you rub down woodwork before painting it.
Use a suitable primer on any bare wood, then undercoat it and then topcoat it.
If you topcoat straight over topcoat and not give the surface a key first the topcoat applied will easily chip or scratch off.


Let new plaster completely dry out before decorating.
Deal with any damp problems at source rather than just cover it up.
Remove any mould that may of grown and treat the affected area.

Remember, preparation is key. Do it well and it will show in the finished job, do it badly and you will see it forever!

Get a professional in if you are unsure what to do or simply don’t want to take the time to “prep for you dec”.

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