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Attention To Detail: How The Smallest Of Details Can Transform A Space

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May 31st, 2022

Attention To Detail: How The Smallest Of Details Can Transform A Space

It’s common for homeowners to want to transform their space. New twists and nuances on a property can reignite interest and dull the compulsion to move.
In recent times people have made huge decorative changes. At the end of 2020, some people put up their Christmas decorations early to ease the trials of lockdown. It’s understandable to have a moment of madness, especially after much hardship.
While seismic overhauls can have their benefits, subtler changes can also profoundly affect your mood as a homeowner. Smaller details can reinforce a theme and create a decorative arrangement that feels more thoughtful and layered. What are the smaller details that can transform a space? Read on for some suggestions.

Picture Frames

The aesthetic quality of a picture can be greatly influenced by its framing. From the wood used to the perception of depth and dimensions, frames add a significant amount of decorative beauty to a wall space.
For custom frames in the UK, visit Picture Frames Direct. Each of their affordably priced products is made to measure. Design and build your picture frames yourself with their easy-to-use online frame design tool. There’s a broad selection of materials to play with, too, from metallic frames to dark and light wood varieties. They also have a range of accessories that will perfectly match your frame. Ultimately, you can get everything exactly the way you like it here.
Frames are often the finishing touches for hanging pictures. They can also clearly highlight those with special meaning and significance to you.

Taps and Switches

Many homeowners think little of turning things off and on, especially in the context of decoration. However, everyone comes into contact with switches and taps, and an especially nice set of them will surely draw the eye.
For example, black and brass taps can be decidedly on-trend and even contribute toward raising the value of a bathroom completely. A change here can be a suitably stylish inflection, with certain types of taps indicating a life of affluence and luxury.
Many homes are fitted with the same generic switchplate. While they’re almost unnoticeable from an aesthetic point of view, switching them around for something more characterful or on theme could be worthwhile. Changing the switch plates can give almost every room a lift, even if it’s just to match a colour scheme.

Decorate Window Spaces

Many people will hang curtains or blinds by a window and leave them be. However, plenty more can be done with these pocketed areas of a property.
The windowsill can feature many smaller decorative items; potted plants and flowers, small books (with characterful bookends), and many little trinkets. So long as you take care not to overcrowd the space or block out the natural light, you can create a charming, accented area of your home.
You could also frame the window area with some dazzling fairy lights too, wrapping them around neatly. Whatever the specifics of your decorative choices, it’s important to establish an aesthetic throughline with these areas. Otherwise, the window area can appear as a harsh void in the ambience you hope to create!

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Decorating and preparation

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February 9th, 2010

(copyrignt Adrian Rayfield)

Decoration or Preparation?

Preparation is key

A good decorating job consists of 90% preparation and 10% decoration, get these percentages around the wrong way, and you’ll know about it.

Taking the time to prepare before you decorate will pay dividends by giving you a far superior finish.

Things such as removing old wallpaper, washing things down, dusting off all take time but need to be done and done right.

For ceiling and walls

Remove any old wallpaper first. Stick back any loose paper if you just want to paint over it.
Make sure any loose plaster is rectified; fill holes and cracks.
Remove any old rawl plugs and fill the holes.
Ensure filler is sanded down properly and not left high, as it will show.


Make sure you rub down woodwork before painting it.
Use a suitable primer on any bare wood, then undercoat it and then topcoat it.
If you topcoat straight over topcoat and not give the surface a key first the topcoat applied will easily chip or scratch off.


Let new plaster completely dry out before decorating.
Deal with any damp problems at source rather than just cover it up.
Remove any mould that may of grown and treat the affected area.

Remember, preparation is key. Do it well and it will show in the finished job, do it badly and you will see it forever!

Get a professional in if you are unsure what to do or simply don’t want to take the time to “prep for you dec”.

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