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Stay On Top Of The Latest Interior Design Trends 

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July 8th, 2022

How To Stay On Top Of The Latest Interior Design Trends And Incorporate Them Into Your Home

Keeping up to date with all the interior design trends can be overwhelming. However, there are places and tools that can help you to find your way around. You can find inspiration online, in magazines or even in the homes of your loved ones. In the end watching out for trends and what other people like can help you to find your style.

To make things easier for you, we put together tips on staying on top of the latest interior design trends. Read further to discover how you can seamlessly incorporate new concepts into your home.

Follow Your Favourite Interior Design Brands On Social Media

If you have a go-to shop or brand where you buy furniture or home décor, it is worth checking out their social media profiles for more inspiration. Interior design experts often influence products and imagery the organisation posts online, so you can be confident that you are in safe hands. It is a part of their job to stay on top of the latest trends to save you the hassle.

This way, you can get a curated social media experience and find some inspiration in every post. Have a look if you can find your favourite company online and turn your designer dreams into reality.

Take Inspiration From Magazines

Magazines can be a great way of learning more about interior design trends if you do not mind investing some money into subscriptions or individual issues. Whether an online or printed magazine, it is developed by a team of people with years of experience in the industry, so you get an educated opinion on what is currently trendy.

Each issue is planned months in advance, so more than current trends, you will see predictions that will hit the market in the not-so-distant future. Like this, you can plan out changes to your home in advance and create a wishlist of things you want to purchase.

Look Through Websites

There are many interior design websites where you do not need to purchase a subscription to read the full version of articles. Such sites can become a valuable resource when looking for tips and inspiration on renovation, home décor or any DIY projects you would like to dive into. Some articles can also have a comment section at the end where readers can discuss their experiences with the topic. This will allow you to compare solutions to the issues you faced or find an answer you did not find in the article.

Overall, websites can be a great resource that offers you a lot of information in one place. Websites such as 24Housing will help you with anything and everything related to buying, planning, building or design. Starting your home improvement journey is not difficult, especially with so much free information available.

Get Inspired By Homes Of Others

Getting inspiration from the homes of others is an excellent way of seeing how interior design trends work in practice. It will also allow you to imagine how you could incorporate new things and concepts into your existing style. It is an easily accessible source of inspiration, too.

You can draw inspiration from the homes of your family or friends. However, you can also find articles and videos of home tours online. For example, you can watch house tours from your favourite celebrities on their YouTube channel. Seeing how others treat current trends can also show you that you do not need to update your interior with everything popular at the time. Sometimes, it is best to work with a more timeless design which you can spice up with those trends that you like.

Go Down The Pinterest Rabbit Hole

Pinterest is full of inspiration, not only when it comes to interior design. Type in your desired style, room or a feature you need to get inspiration for and get carried away. It is easy to get lost and overwhelmed with the number of posts you can find there.

However, you can save and organise images into boards based on the topic. This way, you will keep the ideas in order, making it easier for you to come back and sort through all the inspiration.

Stay Ahead Of Interior Design Trends With Timeless Décor

Interior design and fashion have at least one thing in common – some things never come out of style. If you like to follow trends but do not want to worry about updating your home as trends come and go, it is best to go for a more timeless décor. This way, you will never come out of fashion.

You can go for more neutral colours and keep things simple. But if you would like to incorporate trends into your home in some form anyway, you can always change up accent colours or patterns in the room.

Let Your Area Light Your Imagination On Fire

Getting inspired by the area you live in is another way of staying on top of interior design trends. Perhaps your area is famous for some materials. Then, you can include them in your home.

For example, suppose your town is famous for its glassworks or ceramics. In that case, you can easily find a glass artist and decorate the room with some vases. Or, if your area is well known for woodwork, you can liven the room up with some rustic-looking furniture that will give your home character. This way, you can show how proud you are to live in the area.

Do Not Depend Entirely On Trends And Trust Your Instinct

It is essential to keep in mind that trends are not something you have to live by. You can use them as ideas or guidelines, but in the end, having trendy furniture and home décor does not really matter.

You should feel happy and comfortable in your own home. If you like things that do not necessarily go along with what everyone else prefers. Trust your instinct, and maybe you will be surprised with the combinations and ideas you come up with.

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10 ways to improve your property

Posted by admin
June 19th, 2019

Graphic of house on scales with money on other end

10 ways to improve your property

If you are thinking of selling your property or simply want to give it an update but wish to add value to your property also, the following 10 ways to improve your property is a good start. They are in no particular order of importance, cost or value adding potential.

As with all improvements you need to decide the reason behind them, if it is to add value to your house you should always research the local area to find out if doing a job will actually add value. If you just want to update your house for you then it is less of a consideration but be careful not to do things to devalue your property.

Garden – Do you have kerb appeal

Is your garden in need of some work, is the grass up to your knees or does it resemble a jungle? The first thing people see as they come to your property is your garden. Simply by keeping it neat and tidy will increase the kerb appeal. Simple things such as weeding the borders, cutting the grass and having well planned all year round plants is maybe all you need to do. If you wish to go a stage further you could use weed control membrane and coloured slate, some coloured pots and maybe even block pave the driveway, this is obviously more expensive but will improve the look and initial appearance of your home.

Environmentally friendly house

Is your property Environmentally friendly? Many people are looking to buy houses that are Environmentally friendly nowadays, for example short flush toilets, double glazed windows, water collection devices such water butts to recycle rain water or condensing boiler. All these things could not only benefit you, the home owner, but also the environment and are all good selling points.

New kitchen?

The kitchen for most homes is the hub of the house, it is where you make meals, maybe eat, and often meet other family members from the household passing through, it can be the organisational hub also with notes stuck on the fridge. A kitchen is also a great selling point of a property, does your kitchen look old and tired, is it 20 years old? There is nothing wrong with an old kitchen, they will often last for years it’s just the fashion and trends that change but the carcass or the kitchen maybe nearly as good as new.

Instead of ripping the entire kitchen out why not consider either having it painted or just replace the doors and worktops to give your kitchen a modern look and feel. There are lots of companies offering replacement doors and worktops online. And you can save yourself a small fortune at the same time.


Everyone likes a nice bathroom, a nice suite and well heated. So if your bathroom isn’t that welcoming you may consider doing it up, especially before selling. You don’t, unless you want to, need to install an entire new suite, replacing taps and getting rid of that old wooden toilet seat and replace it with a new one or a plastic one could be an idea.

Adding a few tiles could brighten up a bathroom and make it easy for mopping up splashes, especially around the bath or basin. Re-grouting your existing tiles could make the bathroom look cleaner and more appealing to potential buyers.

Another consideration is flooring, carpet may seem a good idea and feel nice on your feet in the morning but if your selling your house people may prefer a tiled floor or a vinyl flooring as it is more hygienic and easier to keep clean.

Flooring – carpets or hardwood flooring

Flooring is a large expense so you have to make to right decision, do you go for carpet or a laminate or hardwood floor? If you have cats or dogs a laminate or hardwood floor maybe a better choice than carpet. A dark carpet rather than a light coloured one would be best in a high traffic area, such as by a front or rear door. Hardwood and laminate floors are quick and easy to keep clean, simply brush them over with a broom.

The expense has to be a consideration also, especially if you are thinking of moving. Saving that worn out carpet will not help sell a house whereby a nice hardwood floor may do.


Storage is always a problem in most households, there is never enough space to keep everything we have nowadays. If you can build storage space it will certainly improve your properties look as all the clutter can be put away. For example, can you make a window seat with storage under the seat? Maybe you can build cupboards under the stairs, or build a toy box for the end of the kids bed.

Any space that can be utilised for storage will make your home run better and could add value to it also, as people always look for storage spaces when viewing a property.


If you have the money you could always build, either an extension or convert the loft maybe, but you don’t have to go for a full on build, simply re-thinking a house and altering it may make the house work better and add value, for example adding an en-suit. A garden room or conservatory is another way of extending and would make a great play room for the kids, or a nice quiet place to relax in an evening.

You could also consider a garage conversion if you don’t use your garage for a car, but consider this carefully as it could affect the selling price later on.

Redecorate -Interior

It may seem obvious but redecorating is a relatively cheap way of improving your property, all houses need to be decorated from time to time as the décor gets tired and may suffer from the knocks and scratches of everyday life. Buying a tin of paint and painting a room can transfer how it looks, bringing it up to date by using a fashionable colour perhaps.

Adding wallpaper, even a feature wall can make a room more sophisticated and doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Redecorate – Exterior

The exterior of your house is just as important if not more so to maintain. Keeping the exterior paintwork such as fascia’s and soffits, doors and windows painted will keep the weather out and reduce the risk of them rotting.

Masonry also needs to be kept in good condition to stop damp from getting in.

Having a well maintained house gives a property great kerb appeal and could help sell a house.


Cavity and solid wall

Sounds boring doesn’t it? But a well insulated house will have smaller energy bills than those houses with minimal or no insulation. Cavity walls and loft insulation can be done at any time and you may even be able to get a grant to help with the costs. If you haven’t got cavity walls you could line the walls with a thermal liner to reduce heat loss.

Upvc windows and doors with special coated glass will keep the cold out, look for the highest rated glass when you have them fitted. Also adding Upvc windows and doors is nowadays a great selling point as not only does it reduce the energy bills but also noise and or course there is no maintenance except cleaning them.

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Spring decorating ideas

Posted by admin
May 5th, 2013

Photo of bluebells

Spring decorating ideas

As the weather begins to warm up and the first signs of spring start to appear you may start thinking about doing some jobs around the home and garden. After what feels like an eternity since last years washout Summer and a very long Winter the house may well have been neglected for a year or so and in need of some decorating.

Interior decorating

If the weather turns for the worst or we get more frosty nights it is not the time to be painting your house outside, so why not turn to those decorating jobs inside. It’s time to clear out the spare room and give it a lick of paint, or give the home office new modern look. After such a long dull cold winter any room would benefit form a nice bright Spring like makeover.

If you are looking to keep your house looking ‘on trend’ then how about looking at the colour trends for 2013 and using some of the colours from this years palette, such as the colour of the year 90BB 09/186 or indigo blue to give it its name. This could be used as a feature wall to create a stunning modern look to any home.

You may want to do a little more than just paint the walls, you may want to do some repairs or make a room look more modern. If you have a nasty crack around the ceiling and wall line you could put some coving up, it will hide the crack and give a softer edge to the ceiling and wall line.

It could also be the time to tackle the job most DIYers hate, wallpapering the hall, landing and stairs. You could, if you prefer paint the hallway instead.

Exterior decorating

If your house needs some attention outside, wait until there are no more frosts before painting. Otherwise your hard work will not last long and the nice gloss finish on your front door will end up with a lovely bloom over it by the next day, and you will have to do it all again.

Wait for a day that is going to be dry and not windy ideally, not always easy in the UK! But for best results it is best to pick your day.

If you are thinking of painting your fascia or soffits or maybe the masonry there is an order in which to paint, if you paint in the correct order you will get the best results and make your life easier.

If you have algee, mould or dirt on you house, ensure you wash all of this off first, and never paint over it. If you have lead flashing that isn’t paint, don’t paint it just treat it.

If you have plants growing up the outside of your house, be aware the plants could damage your house. Ivy for example can suck the moisture out of the mortar or render and pull it out. Plants can also hold moisture against the house and cause damp issues, so be aware of this.

If you do not have rendered walls and you have plastic Upvc windows, do not forget the other exterior parts of the house, the fascia boards, soffits and bargeboards, these will need painting every few years. If you neglect these for long enough they will rot, birds will be able to get in and nest and they will be able to get into your loft space. You could also get other unwanted wildlife in your loft space such as squirrels.

Spring and Summer decorating

Hopefully this post has given you some ideas for decorating this Spring, and if the weather is bad there are always jobs inside you can do. I hope you found his post interesting, please feel free to leave a comment and share on Twitter and Facebook.

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